Access to justice should be a right, not a privilege. That’s why long-time Brooklynite supporter and philanthropist Maksim Grinberg has stepped up and donated to Access Justice Brooklyn, a nonprofit that provides high-quality, pro bono legal services and community education to Brooklyn community members. His donation highlights the importance of providing opportunities for all Brooklynites to access justice. Read on to learn more about Access Justice Brooklyn and its mission to revolutionize the justice system in Brooklyn!

“I have seen how the system works firsthand,” Maksim Grinberg said. “It is my duty to give to those who do not have the means to access the high-quality legal services they need.”

Access Justice Brooklyn works with local lawyers who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure all community members are served equally. This creates an environment where dedicated professionals from different backgrounds can unite to fight for what’s right.

In addition to providing representation for those who cannot afford it, Access Justice also offers free community workshops throughout the year, including advanced life planning, consumer debt, and bankruptcy, family stabilization, homeowner assistance, immigration, and senior assistance.

“By educating people and giving them a better understanding of so many important, and frankly unavoidable, areas of life, they are more equipped when the time comes,” Maksim Grinberg said.

Finally, Maksim Grinberg’s generous donation to support New Yorkers is not new and has helped make possible the vital work of Access Justice Brooklyn. It gives more people access to high-quality legal services at no cost. His contribution will go a long way towards revolutionizing how we approach justice in this city by providing equal opportunities for all community members regardless of their background or financial status. By creating a more equitable system that works for everyone, we can ensure that justice is served evenly across our society – something Maksim Grinberg believes strongly in.